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TopCon Virtual Panel With 501st Vaders Fist: 70th Explorers Garrison

Join The GYPSY as he travels to a Galaxy Far, Far Away to confront members of the 501st Legion Vader’s Fist: 70th Explorers Garrison. Will The Dark Side Win or will the Power of The Force make the Light Side Triumphant? One thing is for sure; this will be an enlightening hour with this Legendary Star Wars Costuming Group whose good works continue to inspire. Not a Long, Long Time Ago but here and now and into the future. You will not miss this Virtual Panel. It is the Virtual Panel you are looking for. It is the Way.

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Time: May 17, 2020 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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If there’s something strange in your neighborhood? Who you gonna call? The Midland Empire Ghostbusters That’s Who! Join The GYPSY as he steps into the spooky world of this Kansas City area Cosplay Group that keeps Slimer in check and good works at the front of all they do.

We cannot promise an invisible man sleeping in your bed but we can promise that you won’t be ‘fraid of no ghost when the Midland Empire Ghostbusters arrive in their Ecto 1E and their Proton Packs Charged. Join us for an Ectoplasmic Panel.

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Time: May 31, 2020 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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501st Vader’s Fist: 70th Explorers Garrison – Yavin Temple Saber Guild

Join the Jedi Knights of The Yavin Temple as they teach young Padawan’s the way of The Force at TopCon Pop Expo 2019

Virtual Panel With Susanne Lambdin

  • Join us when award winning Novelist Susanne Lambdin presents a Virtual Panel on World Craft Design. We live in a world not of our making now the Author of the Dead Heart Series and Star Trek Next Generation Screen Writer will show you how to Craft a World of your making. A must see panel for aspiring and seasoned authors and novelists alike.

Animaniacs Animator Greg Peters

  • Animaniacs Animator Greg Peters Creates Pinky and The Brain For TopCon – Award winning Animaniacs Animator Greg Peters sits down at his drawing board and creates sketches of Pinky and The Brain for TopCon Pop Expo.

Interviews And Panels With Comic Artist Rick Stasi

  • TopCon Virtual Panel With Rick Stasi – Join us as we talk with Legendary Comic Book Artist Rick Stasi. With his vast knowledge of Golden/Silver/Bronze age comics and his associations with comic greats including one on one’s with the greatest…. Stan Lee Other contemporary’s of Ricks include Julius Schwatrz, Jim Shooter, Roy Thomas, Neal Adams and Steranko. This is a Virtual Panel you won’t want to miss.
  • Interview with DC and Marvel Artist Rick Stasi | Pop Culture Minefield S2E32 – Keith and Gerry sit down with DC and Marvel Comics Artist Rick Stasi, and talk about his storied career, from Captain Marvel to Spider-Man. Rick got to work with a lot of the silver age artists and writers, so he has some great memories.

  • Bruce Jones, Bernie Wrightson, and Rick Stasi at Planet Comicon 2012 I The Artisian Rogue – Video clip of what I thought was a lost interview panel from Planet Comicon 2012 where comic artist Rick Stasi interviewed his colleagues Bruce Jones and Bernie Wrightson. (I encountered a bad camera malfunction during the taping of this panel, and the camera shake was very evident, but any opportunity to hear any of these guys speak about the knowledge they have in the comics world is always a great thing.)

  • Multiverse Tonight Episode 41: Rick Stasi is not the Joker but he is an Iron Man – Thomas has two scoops full of news including Grant Gustin’s thoughts on The Crisis, the Joker movie has a lot of critical buzz, Taika Waititi is a busy busy man, Moon Knight creator Bill Sienkiewicz has an actor in mind for the role, Iron Man looks like a work of art in Italy, we pay our respects to animation writer Gordon Bressack and Thomas has a big old interview with comic artist Rick Stasi from Smallville Con and much more!

  • Ninth Street Theatre presents “PLAYHOUSE OF THE MIND” by Rick Stasi – “Blind Faith, Blank Paige and Kyoko (Nosho): A Truish Tale of Troubled Tweens” – A haunting poem about mental illness and abuse by Yoko Ono. A must listen.

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