TopCon Pop Expo Is Proud To Support TOKI-KON 2020 and Their Efforts.

Toki-Kon was founded by a dedicated group of Midwest cosplayers, gamers, and overall anime-con enthusiasts whom were disappointed to see several local events forced to shut down. While we support these conventions’ decision wholeheartedly, we still want to support the community members and the convention itself to keep spirits (and funds) alive for their next event!

Toki-Kon and our platforms will serve as a virtual showcase for EVERYTHING convention experience-related. Whether you’re browsing our “Online Artist Alley” and “Virtual Vendor Halls” to purchase cool merch from great people, competing in our online Cosplay Contest for REAL prizes, or even watching/competing in one of Midwest Esports’ gaming events (with the chance to win real $)–we want to bring this unique experience, and community to support, to everyone.

Please Visit To Find Out More and To Support TOKI-KON 2020 and Their Efforts.