TOPCON POP EXPO 2020 has a great line-up for all the Tabletop Gamer’s who will be attending TOPCON on September 19th & 20th at the Stormont Vail Events Center in Topeka, Kansas. Both days of TOPCON will be filled with opportunities for all Con Goers and Serious Gamer’s to engage in some of their favorite tabletop and video gaming. From retro gaming to family favorites to the most current popular games there will be something for everybody to play at TOPCON.

Whatever You Are Into: Tabletop, Video, Role Playing TopCon Pop Expo Gaming Partners With Children’s Miracle Network Extra Life and Topeka Area MIB #1630 To Bring You The Best Gaming Experience At TopCon Pop Expo And Supported Events.

Bil Thompson, TOPCON’s Tabletop Gaming Coordinator and local MIB Representative for STEVE JACKSON GAMES has worked hard to put together a gaming extravaganza for serious and casual Gamer’s alike. Bil will be running the tables where games such as Battle For Greyport, Gaslands, Munchkin Marvel, Power Rangers: Hero’s of the Grid and the popular Dungeons & Dragons will be played along with a host of many others.

The GYPSY, Creator and Executive Director of TOPCON has said, “We are really proud of Bil and the hard work he is putting forward for Table Top Gaming Fans. Bil has put out 150% worth of effort to help us bring Tabletop Gaming to TOPCON for the past 6 years. Now with our partnership with Extra-Life we will be expanding on our gaming action and excitement.”

We invite you to take the opportunity to game and/or learn about Tabletop Gaming excitement. Below is TopCon Pop Expo 2020‘s Table top Gaming Schedule.