The TopCon Team works hard to bring you TopCon Geek Expo each and every year. Planning starts the day after TopCon has ended and continues on up to the opening of the door on TopCon Geek Expo weekend. One of the major things that we constantly discuss and improve upon is the safety and security of our Fans, Exhibitors, Creators, Guests and Staff.

Security and safety go into each step of the planning process because if you are not Safe and Secure then You are not having an Amazing Good Time. Four of the major areas of greatest concern are illustrated in the above graphic.

  1. We do not tolerate Bullies. Unfortunately this is a problem in all walks of life. Accusations of Bullying will be dealt with appropriately up to and including removal from the event.
  2. No Weapons Allowed is self explanatory. A fun filled family event is no place for dangerous weapons. Each Cosplayer that has a Prop replica Weapon is inspected and tagged. Prop weapons sold to Fans by vendors that are deemed potentially hazardous are kept secure at the security desk until the attendee leaves. All TopCon Geek Expo 2018 Attendees are subject to Security Wanding and Inspection upon entering Ag Hall if security feels there is a security or safety issue.
  3. Many Cosplay costumes are tight and in some instances sexually appealing to some people. This does not give anyone permission to act inappropriately towards any Cosplayer or Sexually Harass anyone for any reason. Accusations of Sexual Harassment will be dealt with appropriately up to and including removal from the event.
  4. We do not allow oversize bags or backpacks into Ag Hall. recently we had someone contact us that asked if we were banning backpacks. When this individual was told yes we were he said, “Well that’s a deal breaker for me.” What this person failed to realize is that by banning oversize bags and backpacks we are protecting everyone from potentially unsafe and unsecured instances that could affect the safety and security of all. A couple of organizations; The U.S. Army and Phoenix Home Care & Hospice have donated bags for TopCon Geek Expo 2018 attendees which can be picked up inside Ag Hall.
We invite you to read over the TopCon Geek Expo Legal Notices on our website at to learn more about what we do to make sure you have a Fun and Great time at a Safe and Secure Event.

This will be a weekend you won’t want to miss so get your Tickets Now.

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