Legendary Voice Actor Maurice LaMarche Tries To Take Over TopCon Pop Expo 2020

Maurice LaMarche is well known for his impressions. Not long after moving to California he entered into a state of depression, claiming to have regretted moving to California, and wishing he had instead moved to New York for his stand-up career. However, his depression subsided upon moving on to doing voice over. LaMarch is best known as the voices of The Brain and Squit as well as the belches for Wakko Warner on “Animaniacs” and Pinky and the Brain.

LaMarche voiced Yosemite Sam in The Looney Tunes Show and its direct-to-video special as well as the first season of New Looney Tunes.

He also does the voices of Kif Kroker and many others on Futurama, Egon Spengler on The Real Ghostbusters (his first major role in a cartoon), Dizzy Devil on Tiny Toon Adventures, and is currently doing various voices on Matt Groening’s newest series Disenchantment, and Father on Codename: Kids Next Door. On Robot Chicken, he reprised The Brain.

But unlike The Brain Maurice LaMarche will not be trying to take over the world. Instead he is going to take over the Topeka Performing Arts Center Stage when he performs alongside Rob Paulsen and Randy Rogel in Animaniacs In Concert on September 18, 2020. Tickets will not last for this sell out concert. Get yours today at

Then on September 19 & 20 Maurice LaMarche will be a Media Signing Guest at TopCon Pop Expo 2020. Don’t miss your chance for this special Meet & Greet get your tickets today at