Greg Peters Brings His Awe Inspiring Talent To TopCon Pop Expo 2021.


TopCon is excited to announce that Five Time Emmy Award Winning Animator GREG PETERS will be coming to TOPCON POP EXPO 2021.

Greg Peters believes that he was born with a pencil in his hand. “Ever since I can remember I have been drawing- mostly cartoons and mostly Hanna-Barbera!” In fact  he remembers drawing Huckleberry Hound for the first time when he was 3 years old!” 

A lifelong Super Fan of the Flintstone’s (he watched them with his family when the episodes were new and in Prime Time), Greg also developed an equal love bond for the studio that produced them- Hanna-Barbera! He also has a sincere love and posses a high regard for Walt Disney and Disney animation and Warner Brothers animators and animation as well as Tex Avery. “All have been extremely influential in my development as a professional character animator- but not to the point that Hanna-Barbera achieved in my life!” He said. 

“I am a huge fan of Pinky & The Brain.” The GYPSY Creator and Executive Director of TopCon laughs. “Funniest and most thought provoking animated series ever. It was definitely an adult oriented cartoon wrapped in the guise of a children’s animated series. For us to have this great artist and animator as a guest at TopCon Pop Expo 2021 is a great honor. 

Greg is such a TV addict that his parents had to push him to get away from the TV, “Especially on Saturday mornings.” to go play outside. Yet when he went outside to play his fruitful imagination caused him to make up his own characters with their own story lines and he acted them out with his Hanna-Barbera toys. “I remember well before “Yogi’s Gang” doing an imaginary show with Yogi Bear and his extensive crew consisting of every Hanna-Barbera character including The Flintstones!!! The swing set was the ship!” Greg recalls.

Greg Peters has such a fertile mind and imagination that he uses Body Building as his escape from his over active creativeness. Describing his workouts as “Brutal” he works out 5 days a week to take a break for a short while from all the cartoon characters living out their life’s in his heart, mind and soul.
Greg Peter’s puts GOD number one in his life. With a strong faith Greg recognizes the fact that GOD gave him his talent to create and blessed him with the opportunities to share that creativity with the world. TOPCON POP EXPO 2021 is Super Blessed to have Super Animator Greg Peters come and share his Super Creativity with our Super TopCon Fans.

To Learn More About Greg Peters Filmography Please Visit www.imdb.com/name/nm0676453/

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