TopCon: The Northeast Kansas Original, Cosplay, Game, Screen Exposition Is the Creation of International Award Winning Tattoo Artist, The GYPSY who saw the need for a true pop Culture Convention to take place in his beloved hometown of Topeka, Kansas. In cooperation with numerous community organizations in the renovation, revitalization and promotion of the Beautiful Capital City of Kansas, we are able to make TopCon a reality for countless fans. TopCon is our way of helping our community grow, improve and become an exciting place to work, live and play.


  • TopCon Executive Director: The GYPSY
  • TopCon Executive Co-Director: Raychel “Mad Hatter” Smith
  • TopCon Executive Secretary: Madi Holmes
  • TopCon Committee Chair: Charity Delay
  • TopCon Committee Co-Chair: Kevin Harris
  • TopCon Event Coordinator: Thom Shockley
  • TopCon Exhibitor Coordinator: Martin Kodi Peterson
  • TopCon Creators Coordinator: Raychel “Mad Hatter” Smith
  • TopCon Security Director: Reginald Griffin
  • TopCon Assistant Security Director: Rebecca Griffin
  • TopCon Sponsorship Coordinator: Vacant
  • TopCon Cosplay Director: Vacant
  • TopCon Table Top Game Coordinator: Bil Thompson
  • TopCon Guest Services Coordinator: Vacant
  • TopCon Advisor: Tracy Smith
  • TopCon Advisor: Dane Kroll
  • TopCon Advisor: Kelly Gehrhart
  • TopCon Advisor: Nena Hug
  • TopCon Advisor: Staci Williams