It is a sad fact of life that in order for one thing to live another must die and so it is with our beloved TopCon Geek Expo.
It came into this world on July 1, 2014 and now passes from this world on October 1, 2018. It served us well and worked hard but it has grown tired and the world is moving ahead and leaving our dear friend behind.
Friends, as we lay TopCon Geek Expo to rest we can be comforted by the fact that before it left this world it breathed life into it’s successor. So sleep well dear friend and know that the legacy you created is now in the hands of a new generation dedicated to continuing and improving upon the work you started 5 long years ago.
So Ladies and Gentlemen without any further ado we bid Farewell to TopCon Geek Expo and Welcome TopCon Pop Expo: The Original Northeast Kansas Pop Culture Exposition!

Hold on to your horses for we are in for a wild ride. Things are changing for the better and you as a Fan will play a big part in it.

  1. New and improved website: www.TopConPop.Com
  2. Lower Admission Rates
  3. New Larger Location
  4. More Exhibitors
  5. More Creators
  6. More Cosplayers
  7. More Interactive Entertainment

And so much more that we will reveal within the coming days, weeks and months. So get ready Fans because the TopCon Pop Team has a lot of surprises and excitement coming your way in 2019.

Again we want to Thank you one and all. You are awesome TopCon Fans and it is because of you and for you that this evolution in this great community event is taking place

Tickets for TopCon Pop Expo Go On Sale January 1, 2019


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