The great thing about TopCon Pop Expo is that it is not just an event it presents events within the event. So you are not just attending one event you are attending several events during TopCon Pop Expo Weekend. But not only that you have the opportunity to attend several TopCon related events during the year.


  • TOPCON POP EXPO CALL FOR ART: YOU ARE INVITED TO SHARE YOUR ARTTopCon Invites You To Enter Our First Art Show. Bring Your Art And Show Your Talent To The World.
  • ESCAPE ROOM: SOME DAYS YOU JUST CAN’T GET RID OF A BOMB – Holy KA-BOOM Batman, The Joker Has Hidden A Bomb Within His Killer Joke Room. Can You Solve The Clues And Escape Before The Joker’s Favorite Joke End’s With A Bang?
  • COSPLAY COMPETION – When TopCon Geek Expo first took place in 2014 Cosplay Competition was one of the first events that was planned for the fans. Cosplayer’s came out in droves and a tradition was started. Each and every year Cosplayer’s advance their art and the Fans have the privilege of seeing that art showcased at TopCon. This year is no different.
  • ANIMAL COSPLAY COMPETION – For the fourth year in a row TopCon Geek Expo and Petland Topeka brings to the KSNT Stage a Pet Cosplay Competition with a Best of the Best Trophy, gift certificates and more. So what will your Pet be wearing on Sunday September 22nd when you and them Geek out at the Expocentre in Topeka, Kansas?
  • GEEK MOTORCYCLE SHOW SOME OF US LET OUR INNER GEEK SHOW ON TWO (SOMETIMES 3) WHEELS. The TopCon Pop Expo Team Is Excited to announce our first ever Geek Motorcycle Show. Many of us Geek Out our motorcycles and TopCon invites you to show off your ride.
  • SKY’S THE LIMIT VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT TopCon Pop Expo Is Proud To Introduce You To Sky’s The Limit Mobile Video Gaming, Their luxury video game truck offers 8 gaming stations, including Virtual Reality Gaming, and up to 32 can play at once! Laser and Neon lighting, incredible sound, stadium seating…they are Topeka’s best video game party and they are coming to TopCon!
    Trading Card Gaming Excitement Hit’s TopCon As Huscarl Hobbies and Games Hosts The Two Most Popular Games In An Arena From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Current Floor Map For TopCon Pop Expo 2019 (subject to change). Click On Map For Enlarged View.