The simple truth is without the Creators there would be no Pop Culture. No matter what the human spirit conceives and creates there will always be those who follow and rejoice in those creations; there will always be Fans. TopCon Pop Expo strives to bring to you the finest Artists and Authors in Pop Culture for your Artistic and Reading Pleasure.



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  • Cameron Kieffer Comics: Cameron Kieffer – The creator of the webcomic “Geek Theory” which has been publishing since 2011. Cameron also specializes in traditional art using various media and produce stylized art based on both licensed and original characters.
  • Feliu Press: George Feliu – George writes action packed, addictive fantasy novels that most in the family can read without objections. His works include Guardians of Havenshire a four book Fantasy Series.
  • Koiya Creations: H. Elizabeth Brewer – Bright, Fun, and Entertaining.
    Koiya Creations strives to create fun, entertaining pieces of art and fan art to brig hten up everybody’s lives in practical and fun ways. Twitter: @Koiya_Creations
  • Aunt Steph’s Handmade Gifts: Stepheny Beine – Fun, handmade totes and pouches in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Configuration Boxes: Derek Neal – Making handmade replicas of the Lament Configuration puzzle box from the Hellraiser films.
  • Dragon Feathers Illustration: Cassie Brown – Offers custom watercolor portraits of pets as superheroes, book characters, movie characters, and others. The choice is up to you! She also offer traditional pet portraits as well.
  • Otter Illustrating – Is an independent artist, aspiring book illustrator, dabbler of many mediums, and most importantly YOUR custom creator. Have a button, print, MLP OC or mug engraving idea? Stop on by to see what they can do for you! Do you have a dog you’d love to get a drawing of? Submit your photo on their Facebook page for a chance to win a free drawing of your pupper!
  • Laughing Frog Gallery – Creating fun artwork everyday. Whimsical original sculptural design. Slightly twisted humorous characters, spiders and monsters. Custom orders and commissions are accepted.
  • Artist Woody Woodward – Creating fantasy based illustrations through digital and traditional media. Selling prints and original art.
  • Top Tier Figures – Their passion is bringing the Star Trek universe into its most accurate and complete state. They specialize in zombies from all genre, they enjoy making Star Wars figures as well as all super heroes. The more unique the customization the more happy they are to fulfill your wish. They also do toy restorations and enjoy the challenges in doing that. They do facial likenesses so that people can see themselves as any figure they want to be. There is no challenge that they shy from and they enjoy finding unique items to complete commissions. They have also worked on several dioramas and do this on commission based due to size and uniqueness of them. Top Tier Figures is a member of the Art Asylum in Kansas City and work with several local and up and coming artists. Top Tier Figure has an extensive worldwide network of fellow customizers all of which have unique talents from hair installment to packaging to paint jobs. –