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Captain Spaulding: Monster Of Ceremonies

You will not want to miss Captain Spaulding’s Monster of Ceremonies Duties on the Visit Topeka Stage stage Nor his bizarre announcements over the Exhibition Hall PA System during the event.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

The Hammer is excited to be coming to Topeka; “I won a lot of matches and friends in Topeka; it’s like coming home.” He has been quoted as saying.


Geek Universe, the weekly syndicated talk show focused on genre entertainment and pop culture, is coming to TopCon Pop Expo 2019. Hosted by author/provocateur Jim Yelton Geek Universe features a wide variety of interviews with the likes of Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell, Ming Che from AMC’s Comic Book Men and on and on and on. His list of featured guests and experts is as endless as the Geek Universe he reigns supreme over.

Susanne Lambdin

I’m now known as the Zombie Lady in the Midwest, not that I really want to be a zombie lady, but I can talk about zombies for hours and not come up for air (zombies don’t need to breath).


TopCon Pop Expo Is Honored To Welcome One Of The Most Talented And Sophisticated Actresses Ever To Grace The Silver Screen, The Vivacious Lynn Lowry.

Discount Ticket Sales For TopCon

Discount Ticket Purchase Earns You 3 Extra Tickets in our Door Prize Drawings, Souvenir Fan Lanyard (lanyard for paid adult 2 day admission only), Early Entry and Exclusive Email Updates.

Magic: The Gathering and Star Wars Destiny Gaming Tournaments.

TopCon Pop Expo Welcomes You To The Two Most Popular Trading Card Games On Earth and In The Galaxy – Magic: The Gathering and Star Wars Destiny.


SO HOW CAN YOU ENTER TO WIN A CHANCE TO WIN THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY? Simply purchase your TopCon Pop Expo Discount Ticket on By September 1, 2019 and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win this rare and unique collectible. GET YOUR DISCOUNT TICKETS AND BE ENTERED TO WIN:

The Walking Dead Come To Life As Jeremy Palko Comes To TopCon Pop Expo 2019

TopCon Pop Expo Is Proud To Welcome The Prolific Star of the Netflix Series Bloodline and AMC’s The Walking Dead Jeremy Palko.

Video Gaming At TopCon Pop Expo

TopCon Pop Expo Is Proud To Introduce You To Sky’s The Limit Mobile Video Gaming. Their luxury video game truck offers 8 gaming stations, including Virtual Reality Gaming, and up to 32 can play at once! Laser and Neon lighting, incredible sound, stadium seating…they are Topeka’s best video game party and they are coming to TopCon!

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